2X4 Load Bearing Walls Rise

2×4 walls 16″ oc

OnceĀ  the 2×6 outside wall is erected and filled with Roxul insulation and further thermally broken by 1.5″ of ComfortBoard IS, the 2×4 walls are raised into place against the ComfortBoard. As can be seen by the picture, the 2×6 outer wall is ~14″ taller than the inside wall. This offset will allow for the positioning of the rim board and the securing of the 14″ rim joists.

It is worth noting that in this design, the vapour barrier is a 6 mil poly film that sits on the outside of the 2×4 wall pinched between the plywood and the 2×4 studs. This location of the vapour barrier is critical since it allows it to be continuous without any breaches. Indeed, all joists, electrical outlets and plumbing will be within the vapour barrier allowing for greater moisture and air leakage control.